The Box Spot

Labels, Markers & Shipping Items

Large Fragile Stickers

1 per sheet

5” x 3”
Sheets of Colour Coding Labels

6 colours

35 per sheet
Latex Moving Tags

Will not harm furniture finish

12 Per Sheet
Markers Good Quality - Black


5" x 1000`
Shrink-Wrap Rolls

5" x 1500`
Shrink-Wrap Rolls

14" x 1500`
Shrink-Wrap Dispenser (Small)

For Each 5" x 1500` roll
Poly-Tie Twine

1000 feet
Shrink-Wrap Dispenser (Large Metal)

For Each 15" x 1500` roll
Buckles for Shipping

Strapping for Shipping

Per Foot

Moving Tip

Have a garage sale - this will enable you to dispose of unwanted items and generate some extra cash, and there`s less to pack as well.

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